HIV/Influenza (Chart-form with labels as indicated in the review)

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Etiology & Epidemiology Tranmission Treatment HIVAIDS - AIDS afflicts 15M people worldwide and - HIV is an infectious disease, but not - Drug treatmemt and vaccination occurs in developed and less developed a very contagious one not a vector- developed to control the infection. countries borne disease - There is still no drug that will cure - In an infected population, an individual will - HIV is principally found in the the HIV infection. have 10-50M HIV particles and will cause secretions and body fluids of infected - A few drugs have been shown to be AIDS in 5-10 years. individuals. effective in slowing down the spread - one of the characteristics of an HIV - most infectious sources include of symptoms and prolonging life: infection is depletion of T4 cells. blood, breast milk, vaginal secretions, AZT (azidothymidine or zidovudine) - The HIV virus attacks the T-lymphocytes and semen delays the onset of AIDS by and weakens the immune system - viruses are found both free and inhibiting viral multiplication. - known as a retrovirus reverse inside T-lymphocytes - nucleoside analogs or reverse transcriptase - a tear or lesion in the skin or transcription inhibitors (also to slow - two primary strains: (1) HIV-1: found mucous membranes must occur for down multiplication) throughout the world. (2) HIV-2: found infected fluid to initiate an infection. - protease inhibitors are also used primarily in West Africa. - infection may result from the - sexual abstinence (or using a injection of infected blood, organ condom), maintaining a transplants, virus can also cr
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