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Chapter 3

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Chapter 3 HLTC03 IntroductionHealth policy is a subset of public policy o Remember public policy is a course of action or inaction chosen by govt to address what has come to be identified as public issuesA theory is a framework for understanding how a set of facts or phenomena come tobe o Consists of a set of principles or statements as ecplanationPublic policy theory therefore explains how public policies come about o Rationale etc o How they view society functioning informs policy suggestions Defining the Characteristics of Different Types of TheoriesTheories of public policy are either consensus or conflict models and may be o Macroview theories consider broad issues of the general shape of political systems and how power is exercised in these political systemsSeeks to understand the economic political and social forces that influence and reflect the predominant values in a societyEg health care should be privatepublico Mesoview theories focus on the influence of advisory boards and departments within govt govt ministries and other middlelevel institutions upon public policyEg govt organizations or even independent agenciesAll still accountable to government o Microview theories concerned with the administrative routine and daytoday govt apparatus that shapes public policyMinortinkering of public policy but focuses on monitoring govt operations including spendingHealth policy has been argued to consist of two types of public policy Concerns all three levels theories table 31 1 Public policy regarding the organization and delivery of health care services a Eg private or publicly financed 2 Public policy concerned with the development and implementation of various healthrelated public policiesThree prominent theories of public policy that help understand health policy process are o Pluralism o New institutionalism o Political economyEach of the aforementioned has particular assumptions about the nature of society and how public policy is made
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