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Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

CHAPTER 1OUR BODIES OUR SELVESWOMENS HEALTH MOVEMENT IN CANADA Prior to the emergence of the owmnes movement womens health issues were ignored or relegated narrowly o Medical and helath sciences were dominated by male researchers o Neglected social determinants of health Women and the Body Western traditions have ignoreddismissed the body The transcendence of the body over the mind is a vaulted goal in Western tradition o Womens roles as caregivers and nurturerstheir bodies viewed as messythey menstruate lactate give birth etco Women have historically be n understood as less capable than men o Womens bodies were seen as out of control and in need to be regulatedBodies of people of colour and poor ppl were seen as morally suspectScientific sexismviewed men and women as opposites and therefore were relegated to different social spheresPresent day preoccupations are with biological body the genetic makeup of the body and prolonging lifeWas understood that mens bodies were standard while womens were to be com
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