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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

MORROW ET AL TEXTBOOK INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER NOTES The very idea of womens health is a concept in the makingConcern with the limited ways in which womens bodies have been understoodFocus on the ways social conditions and inequalities that shape healthAnalyses shouldnt be geared towards gender alone but should contextualize women in their diverse social and economic circumstancesCanadas history as a colony and colonizing power is important to look at o Canadas approach to multiculturalism its history as a destination for immigration means health is beyond national boundariesAim of the book is to expand idea of womens health via critical analysis Womens Health in CanadaCanadian women rank as some of the healthiest and longest living in the worldCanada had the ninth highest lifeexpectancyfor both sexesLife expectancy longer for women than menAlthough women live longer they o Die prematurely from preventable conditions o Die in the prime of life in greater numbers than men o Experience higher levels of disability than men Aboriginal women experience hig
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