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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Saint Arnaud and Bernard Convergence or Resilience A Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Welfare Regimes in Advanced CountriesIntroductionGrowth in advanced societies is tied up to internationalization of economic exchangesGlobalization has many facets and has influenced structural changes in the economyand governmentsGovernments seeking to justify reducing their social program expendituresCuts mean declines in efficiency of healthcare systemConcern declining social capital bc of new economic context Depending on ideological orientations 3 systems of exchange are developed EspingAndersen have confirmed the variety of welfare states and the distinguishing characteristics of themTypological Analysis of Welfare RegimesWelfare regimes express in their own ways the princniples of basic citizenship equality liberty and solidarity One aspect may dominate over others For example over emphasis on liberty may meaneconomic freedoms are focused upon Overemphasis on equality means communist tendenciesSo need a balance between the 3 to achieve a democratic and dialectic welfare stateThe role of public institutions in mitigating the 3 principles is different in each context 60s and 70s brought about the emergence of welfare states in the context of post war prosperity 90s brought about a reevaluation of role of welfare state Esping Anderson classified states into 3 categories conservativeGermany Austria liberal US UK Canada and social democratic Scandinavian countries
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