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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

WELFARE STATE AS A DETERMINANT OF WOMENS HEALTH RAPHAELBRYANT READING WEEK 9AbstractAdvanced welfare states in industrialized nations improve womens quality of lifeUsed Data from OECD organization for Economic Cooperation and Development UN Human Development Program etcCompared quality of life of women in Sweden Denmakr UK and US vs women in CanadaSocial welfare orientation in a nationbetter quality of life for womenOverviewQuality of life is increasingly viewed in relation to national and local policy environmentsWomen are most likely to be impacted in changes of social assistance policies Employment insurance and health caresocial services because they are primary caregiversSocial determinants of health approach increasingly addressed in policy especially in Scandinavian nations Sweden Denmark Norway etc Looking at the extent to which quality of life issues are addressed via policy in Canada and other comparison nations US UK Sweden Denmark Particular analysis towards child care and long term care for elderlyDenmark and Sweden use social welfare approachUK and US have a predominantly marketoriented approach Welfare state orientation is linked to how a nation supports the quality of life and issues related to womens health and wellbeingDefining the Welfare StateWelfare state is a capitalist society in which state intervenes for social policies and programs to mitigate class conflicts and address social needsThere are differences in welfare states that influence the health of citizens Canada is increasingly influenced by US market oriented welfare ideology3 types of welfare states classified o Social DemocraticSweden Denmark Norway etco Christian DemocraticBelgium Netherlands France Italy etco Liberal AngloSaxonUS Canada UK IrelandLowest public expenditures on health care and lowest coverage for medical care
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