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Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTC02Chapter 2 More Than Age and Biology Overhauling Lifespan Approaches to Womens HealthIn Canada and elsewhere a number of conceptual and methodological shortcomings need to be overcome especially the current focus on age and life stages with prioritize disease and illness within narrow confines of a biomedical perspectiveBiomedical hegemony and its related priorities are shown to cause narrow and often incorrect conceptualizations of womens health across the lifespanThe lifespan approachoImplies a notion of human life that is structured predominantly by age It looks at the distinctive series of roles and experiences that an individual progresses through as she proceeds from birth to deathoAdvantageous because it seeks to contextualize lives and demonstrate the processesand consequences of change at different stages of a persons lifeoAbility to locate individuals by chronological and physiological age organized by period and by cohortoIn womens health it aims to inform and better structure policies that address specific circumstances and problems women face at various stages in their livesoWomen have different lifespans and patterns of illness understanding such differences is important to developing new approaches to prevention diagnosis and treatme
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