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HLTC02 Chapter Notes: Introduction, Ch.1, Ch.2

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Health Studies
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Joseph Bryant

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Introduction geography is another important determinant of inequity inequities persist in relation to factors such as geography poverty and ethnicitydifficult to obtain private insurance women are less likely to have supplementary health insurance coverage thru their paid employment Canada health caremix of private and public aspects with 70 accounting for public health care provision gender the array of socially determined roles personality traits attitudes behaviours values relative power and influence that society ascribes to the 2 sexes on a differential basiso arise from the social envtsex refers to biological characteristics such as anatomy and physiology gendersex are often LESS salient htan other influences such as poverty geography racism etco they both can have the same effect however its not as obvious 4 approaches to thinking about womens health o 1 health of women has often been invisible not considered as distinct from health of ppl in generalo 2 womens health has been associated simply and ONLY with reproductive function o 3 how the fact that womens health onlyreproductive function and how this influences womens lives and health o 4 newly created bodies of knowledge and shifts in policy and programs have created more understanding about womens health Chapter 1place a greater focus on the needs and concerns of men and by neglecting to pay attention to the social determinants of health and the ways in which social inequalities affect health western tradition body is seen as the site of unruly passions and appetites that might disrupt the pursuit of truth and knowledge female bodies seen as being out of control and in need of regulationo BUTTTT the male body was understood to be order and self contained mens bodies were the standard by which womens bodies were to be comparedbiological determinism ppls abilities and roles in society were assumed to be attributable to their biology First Wave o first wave feminists were focused primarily on gaining access to formal political systems visavis the campaign for the franchiseo a bodies should not prevent them from being able to participate in political decision making
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