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Chapter 3

Week 5- Chapter 3 Mikkonean & Raphael

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Health Studies
Rhan- Ju Song

Mikkonen & Raphael - Chapter 5 - Unemployment  job security in Canada has been decreasing over the past few decades, with people having various arrangements like working part time, being self-employed, or having temporary work  OECD calculates employment protection index of rules/regulations that protect employment and provides benefit to temporary workers-- Canada scored 26 out of 28 nations  insecure employment consists of intense work with non-standard working hours, is associated with higher rates of stress, bodily pains, and a high risk of injury  Excessive hours of work increase chances of physiological and psychological problems such as sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, and heart disease, which also stresses personal relationships 2. Which groups are at greater risk for job insecurity (unemployment, underemployment)?  Women are over-represented in precarious forms of work. While wom
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