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Health Studies
R Song

Nguyen Introduction: o Social inequality and health opened up to anthropological perspective o Cross cultural framework that understands the body deeply as historicized and socialized o Inequality/disease relation a form of violence enacted through cultures and rationalities o Increasingly a-modern therapeutic economy where competing powers and therapeutic claims vie for legitimacy and right to manage misfortune o Biomedical technologies conjugate with material inequalities to create novel markets that have intensified and accelerated the commodification of body (organ trades) o Poor trade long term health for survival while rich are able to abundantly purchase better health Social Determinants of health o Poverty is only robust social determinant of health (material deprivation) –mechanism is well understood o Whitehall study; life expectancy among british servants, increased with rank, even when standard factors influencing risk of death were taken in, suggested that poverty could not be the sole social factor accounting for adverse health outcomes o Social inequality  ill health (independently of income level) o Hierarchy effects can act ACROSS large pops., and not just within
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