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Health Studies
R Song

Armelagos - 1990s: antibiotic resistant pathogens and pesticide resistant insects become a problem – eradication of disease vectors difficult - other problems like ecological disruption and inequality also present - Abdul Omrans epidemiological theory: Human pops. Experiencing shifts in disease patterns which in result leads to an alteration in population processes Epidemiological Transition PATHOGEN INDUCED INFECTIONS to CHRONIC MAN MADE DISEASE (pollution) - Macroparasitism: social stratification within societies and between them (when organisms appropriate others as continuing sources of food and energy) - Epidemiological transitions: 1. Shift from foraging to primary food prod., domestication of plants/animals  prevalence of infectious disease, increase in pop size and density, sedentarism, social stratification creates shift in disease ecology 2. Decline in infectious disease and rise of chronic man mad disease (controversial because third world still lives with infectious disease) 3. Antibiotics losing effectiveness, globalization of reemerging infectious diseases, resistant to antibiotics, reemergence of novel diseases - social forces influence inequality in an increasingly interconnected world  effects disease process - Paul farmer and Meredity turhsen – Epidemiology models are narrow, they favour rich countries and don’t consider culture, politics and economic complexity - Economic/technological development = greater gaps between rich and poor - POVERTY = main cause of preventable disease - Heirloom pathogens: lice, pinworm, protozoa,bacteria (parasites shared with early hominids, remained after speciation) - Zoonatic diseases from hunter-gatherers because of frequent movement and egalatarian nature 1 Epid. Transition: - development of primary food prod. - Devellopemnt of agriculture  political/econ. Changes  social classes with diff access to resources - Cultivation  i
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