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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chapter 9- The Interface Between Physical and Mental Health - Examine whether personality and affective characteristics such as hostility, anxiety and depression constitute risk factors for mortality and morbidity - Alcohol increases the risk of physical, psychological, and cognitive problems in late life, but may confer some protective effects Personality Processesand Disease - Hippocrates developed system of medicine based on the belief that substances called humors are influenced both personality and health. o The 4 humors were blood, melancholy (black bile), choler (yellow bile), and phlegm o People with excessof bile- prone to depression & degenerative disease o People with too much choler- angry and bitter o Blood- led to ruddy, sanguine personality o Phlegm- thought to cause apathy th - 18 century Rene Descartes posed that mind and body were s
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