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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION AND BASIC CONCEPTS IN AGINGmodern recognition that aging processes are plastichow we age and rate at which we age are balanced bw resources to which we have access and our exposure to various toxins both of which are in part reflections of choices we make psychosocial gerontologists focused more on describing what happens cognitively emotionally and socially as we agealso identify factors that promotegaining or increase risk ofaging biogerontologists focused on describing what happens at molecular cellular and organ system levelsemphasize factos that affect rate of agingIe free radicals can accelerate deterioration but antioxidants may decelerate it psychosocial factors can affect physical health focus has been on psychosocial risk factors but there are protective factors as well longterm longitudinal studies allow us to begin understanding predictors of rate of change in physical health cognitive ability and mental health in late life nations around world are graying baby boom generation is retiring and starting to collect pensions and health care benefits growing interest in how various aging processes respond to behavioural and environmental factors that are at least partially under our control Birren and colleagues found that nearly all of the deficits generally associated with aging were found in older men with subclinical disease but not in optimally healthy menException neuronal
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