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Chapter 1&12

Chap 1&12 Guide – Aging, defs, models of optimal aging

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chap 1&12 Guide Aging, defs, models of optimal aging Chapter 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts in Aging Aging processes N %K0,70.438L0705O,89L.,32,OO0,-O0 N How we age and the rate at which we age are balanced between resources to which we have access and our exposure to various toxins, both of which are, in part, reflections of the choices we make. Psychosocial gerontologists N Focused more on describing the cognitive, emotional and social parts of aging. N Idea of plasticity o Turning points exist through which people can change paths of their life course. Biogerontologists N Focused more on describing what happens at the molecular, cellular and organ system levels. N Rate of aging of the organs. o Free radicals can accelerate deterioration o Antioxidants may decelerate it. N Findings about the mechanisms of aging in one species (or even in one strain) often do not hold up in others. Baby boomer generation N poised to retire and start collection pensions and health care benefits. N Overwhelming interest in staving off the ravages of old age. o Ie: cholesterol-lowering agents and Viagra Aging vs Disease N Birren, Butler, Greenhouse and Yarrow (1963) o Divided healthy older men into two groups Those with subclinical disease Those who were completely healthy o Found all of the deficits associated with aging (ex: memory loss, decrease in grip strength, decline in cardiovascular output) were found in older men with subclinical disease but not in the optimally healthy men. Found one exception, neuronal slowing. (Both groups manifested it) o This study opened the door to the recognition that aging is not necessarily associated with unmitigated pain and suffering. www.notesolution.com
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