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Health and Aging reading notes chapter

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Health, Illness, and Optimal Aging Chapter 10 -through the neuroendocrine system, psychosocial stress can have affects on the cardiovascular and immune system -older adults are more vulnerable to physical stress -stress can have a toughening effect on everything from heart shock proteins to social ties Stress -three ways to define stress 1. Physiological state of the organism (strain) 2. Characteristic of the environment (stressor) 3. View stress as a transaction between the person and the environment Stress as a Physiological State Classic Theories -Cannon was the first physiologist to systematically describe the physiological effects of stress -posited that the perception of a threat activated the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) -SNS reacts to stress in 2 ways 1. Sympathetic nerves originate in the spinal column and radiate to the target organs. The sympathetic nerves directly enervate the heart, the bronchi in the lungs, the gut, and the kidney; they also influence the blood vessels, sweat glands, and piloerector muscles in the skin 2. In the sympatheticadrenal medulla (SAM) the nerves radiate to the adrenal medulla which secretes neurotransmitters into the blood which stimulates the muscles and blood vessels -flight or fight reaction has harmful effects if prolonged; cannon called voodoo death -porcine stress syndrome in which a certain percentage of pigs being shipped to market die simple during the stress of being transported -Dubos said that if prolonged increased blood pressure and blood clotting would lead to hypertensi
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