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Chapter 11

Health and Aging reading notes chapter 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Health, Illness, and Aging Chapter 11 -social support important for mental and physical health Characteristics of the Social Support Network Functions -Antonucci said 3 functions: aid (instrumental help), affect (emotional support), and affirmation (acknowledgement of ones values or agreement with ones attitudes) -emotional support refers to the quality of a persons relationships with others -Thoits argued that the major function of social support is to provide information and advice in times of stress -these types of supports are tightly intertwined Social Support Networks -3 levels: informal, quasi-formal, and formal Informal -consist of family, friends, and neighbours -provides instrumental and emotional support, companionship, acceptance, love, understanding, and respect -informal support members are generally the primary caregivers to the older adult who needs assistance -children in law are also active care givers -people with no children use siblings or niece or nephews for support -Thomson and Krause found older adults who live alone and in deteriorate neighbourhoods were are double jeopardy; these people had very low expectations of receiving support if it was needed -neighbours and friends important in providing socialization and tension reduction -friends are important because they are in the same cohort -European Americans have less informal support in later years Quasi-Formal -includes community organizations and service workers -provides unpaid services to older persons, often as a voluntary link between individuals or families and communit
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