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Chapter 1

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Health Illness and Optimal Aging Biological and Psychological Perspectives Carolyn M Aldwin Diane F Gilmer Foreword by James BirrenChapter 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts in Aging y What is surprising about the quote is that it presages the modern recognition that aging processes are plasticto a large extent how we age and the rate at which we age are balanced between resources to which we have access and our exposure to various toxins both of which are in part reflections of the choices we make Basic Definitions y Age refers to the number of years a person has been alive whereas cohort refers to a group of people who share the same birth year or sometimes those who shared historical events such as the World War II generation Period refers to the time at which the measurement or assessment occurred y If a particular phenomenon always changes with age regardless of cohort or period then it is an age effect If the change is specific to a particular cohort but does not occur in any other group then it is a cohort effect If all cohorts or ages change at a particularly point in time then it is a period effect y Life span refers to the absolute length of time a member of a given species may live In humans that is currently about 120 yearsy In contrast life expectancy refers to the length of time an average member of a particular coho
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