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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Textbook notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01 Chapter 9 The interface between physical and mental health Personality Processes and Disease -Hippocrates developed a system of medicine based on the belief that substances called humors influenced both personality and health -this was extended by Galen, the four humors were: blood, melancholy (black bile), choler (yellow bile), and phlegm -having a serious chronic illness can lead to depression and frustration -health psychology and behavioural medicine are founded on the notion that the mind and body are intimately connected in a bidirectional or transactional manner -health psychology tends to be oriented toward basic research, whereas behavioural medicine focuses more on clinical application -bidirectional refers to a reciprocal relationship between physical and psychological health -transactional refers to a continuous process of change among multiple variables -personality processes: the psychological factors associates with health and aging include traits, affective states, psychological symptoms, and beliefs and attitudes -in the past 3 decades, a strong relationship has emerged between personality processes and diseases such as coronary heart disease (CHD) and overall mortality -3 primary negative emotions that have been linked to the development of disease and its progression are: hostility, depression and anxiety. -control, self-efficacy, optimism, and emotional stability may have protective effects Psychological Risk Factors and Health Hostility -hostility is a risk factor for CHD, high cholesterol, high BP, and cigarette smoking -people should be less hostile in their ev
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