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Chapter 3

chapter 3

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Dan Silver

Chapter 3Theories of AgingNo one is sure why we ageTheories of aging are often specific to the particular process being studied molecular or genetic and few attempts have been made to bridge different theoriesBengston RiceJohnson suggest 2 reasons for the lack of integration in theories of gerontologyst1there are 3 different aspects of age on which theories can focuso1 characteristics of the aging populationo2 development or aging processo3 the way in which age is incorporated into the social structurend2gerontology starts from facts that may be grouped into models bottomup disciplineRowe and Kahn specify that successful aging consists of good physical and mental health and good social functioningFordLener link biological psychological and social agingBengstons social breakdown theory argues that physical psychological and social health and tightly linked in later lifeMaruyamas deviation amplification model holds that most systemsBertalanffys classic systems theory model have deviationcountering mechanisms to maintain homeostasisBIOLOGICAL THEORIES OF AGINGThere are more than a dozen different biological theories of agingGrouped into genetic molecularcellular and systemlevel theoriesGENETIC THEORIESBest evidence for genetic theories of aging is the differences btwn species in length of life span
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