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Chapter 5

chapter 5

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Health Studies
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Chapter5 Aging of the Skin and Musculoskeletal SystemSkinprovides the covering for the body and is the first line of defense against bacteria and virusesBones ligaments muscles tendonsprovide shape and support for the body and protect the internal vital organs from external traumaThe skin and the musculoskeletal system provide the most obvious external signs of agingSKINIs critical in temperature maintenance and helps in homoostasis Aging of the skin is one of the most obvious clues to ageIts the largest and most visible organ of the bodyOutermost layerepidermisSecond layerdermisThird layersubcutaneous fatEpidermisConsists mostly of keratinocytes that protect the skin from outside harm They are found deep in the epidermis as young cells and move to the surface as they age takes 30 daysKeratinocytes are necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D3 used in the absorption of calciumMelanocytes make up 2 of the cells in the epidermis produce melanin for keratinocytes and give colour to the skinSun exposure increases melanin production by these cells to protect from sun damageLangerhans cells make up 1 of the cells in the epidermis respond to toxic allergic stimuli
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