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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Health Studies
Dan Silver

Chapter 7 Agingthe Regulatory SystemsSENSORY SYSTEMTouchThe skin is the sense organ for touchThere are age related changes in both touch receptors and pressure receptorsDegradation of the sense of touch occurs with age with decreased ability to detect locate or identify objectsSmellAvg of 10 decline with ageSmoking degrades itThe olfactory bulb is very close to the hippocampus and one of the first indicators of Alzheimers disease is a decrease in the sense of smellDegradations in the ability to smell food may impair an older persons appetiteFoodborne illnesses are a risk for older adults who have lost their sense of smell since they may be unable to detect food that has spoiled eggs milk meatTasteThe taste buds cam sense salt sweet bitter fat and umami which is composed of glutamate used in Chinese cuisineTaste may only decrease slightly with ageAny gradual losses in taste may actually be due to smoking periodontal disease illness or use of medicationsA sudden loss may be indicative of a brain tumourHearing
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