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Dan Silver

Chapter 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts in AgingBasic DefinitionsAge refers to the number of years a person has been aliveCohort refers to a group of people who share the same birth year or sometimes those who shared historical events Period refers to the time at which the measurement or assessment occurred If a particular phenomenon always changes with age regardless of cohort or period then it is an age effectIf the change is specific to a particular cohort but does not occur in any other group then it is an cohort effectIf all cohorts or ages change at a particular pt in time then it is a period effect Life span refers to the absolute length of time a member of a given species may live in humans it is about 120 years Life expectancy refers to the length of time an avg member of a particular cohort can expect to live Agespecific life expectancy refers to the avg number of years that members of a given cohort who have reached a specific age can expect to live Mortality refers to death Mortality rates refer to the number of people who die during a given period of timeMorbidity refers to illness Morbidity rate refers to prevalence or total number of cases of a specific disease in a population whereas the incidence of illness refers to the number of new cases in a year Acuteillnesses are often selflimiting and or can be successfully treated w medicinesChronic diseases are often incurable and treatment focus is on the management and the delay of disability rather than cure Before the advent of antibiotics during WWII most people died of acute illnesses such as pneumonia influenza scarlet fev
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