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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes

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Anna Walsh

Chapter 2: Demography of Aging There has been a change in the population demographics of the world starting from th the 20 century o The number of old ppl are increasing o Could be problematic bc some countries (developing) dont have the resources for a large old population Aging in the World 1905 majority of population in US = children and young people, pyramid-shaped profile 1975 largest cohort = baby boomers o More ppl in 70s and 80s & 90s 2010 estimates: more children, middle aged o Less ppl who are >85 2030: babyboomers = grandparents o More than 70 mill ppl will be >65 Atchely: says that countries that have a rectangular pyramid = more prosperous & politically stable than classic pyramid # of old ppl (>85) increased by 38% since the 1990s 1980 - ~14000 centenarians lived in US more than tripled until now Age dependencey ratios: more younger & middle-aged than older ppl o Working units of pop. Will outnumber those who are dependent on them Total dependency ratio (TDR): compares # of economically non-productive citizens (below 18 and over 65) with teh number of working-aged adults o Estimate of number of ppl who need to be supported by workers o TDR = (a+c)b o A= children <18... b= adults aged 18-65,... c= adults >65 www.notesolution.com
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