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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chapter 10: Stress, Coping, & Health Stress as a Physiological State: Classic Theories: Cannon (1915) = first physiologist to describe physiological effects of stress o Looked at barking dogs and cats.. and noted that the perception of threat activated the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and this readies the organism for flight or fight o The sympathetic nerves originate in the spinal column (preganglionic nerves) and radiate to the target organs (postganglionic nerves) o Sympathetic nerves weaken heart, bronchi in lungs, gut, and kidney o SAM system: sympathetic adrenal medulla o Sympathetic activation increases heart and respiration rates, dilates pupils, diverts blood flow, and increases blood sugar Ppl start getting butterflies, blood pumping faster, hair stands up, etc.. o Once the threat is resolved, parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) activation returns body to homeostasis by decreasing heart rate & respiratory rates voodoo death if this process is prolonged, cannon said that this process can lead to shock and cardiac arrest Cannon: fightflight reaction is general response to any stressor Selye expanded cannons conceptions: referred to his own work as the physiology of dirt based on the fact taht when dirt is injected into rats, corticosteroid increases Glucocorticoids fat-soluble molectules enables them to cross cell membranes ine very organ system in the body, thus, with stress... the functioning of every organ system in teh body can be affected Seyle also described 3 stages in reaction to stress: alarm (flightfight stage)...adaptation(return to physiological homeostasis),....exhaustion(organism may fall ill or die if stress continues) www.notesolution.com
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