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Chapter notes: Early Child development pages 1-25

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

Abstract Opportunities to improve the state of early child development ECD on a global scaleEarly Childhoodprenatal development to 8 years of ageWhat children experience the early years set a critical foundation for their entire life courseie ECD experienceinfluence basic learning school success and healthECD has strong links to other social determinants of health urban settings gender gloabalization halth systemsStrong association between child survival and child development such as child survival and child agendas are indivisible from ECDHere we provide a framework for understanding the environments that play role in influencing child developmentEnvironment that will have themost significant impact on their developmentWe propose ways in which govt and civil society to provide equitable access to strong nurturant env For all children globallyPolitical DebriefingEarly Child Development Investment in Countrys FutureInvestment in early childhood is the most powerful investment a country can make Rights of ChildResearch has shown than childrens early environment has a vital impact on the way brains developMore stimulating the environment the more positive connections are formedand better child thrived in all aspects of lifeChildren need opportunities to explore their worldcare and protect them not punish them but need also support from community and govt at all levelsPolitical leaders can play important role in guaranteeing universal access to range of early child development servicesFamilyfriendly policies benefit children and families and economyInvest in familymore literate and numerate popHave best health status and low levels of health inequality in the worldECD rely on caregivers not country being wealthyChild survival and child health agendas are indivisible from ECD that is a healthy start in life gives each child equal chance to thrive and grow into and adult that makes contribution to the community socially and economicallyExecutive Summary Early child period is the most important developmental phase throughout lifespanWhat happens to the child in early years is critical for childs developmental trajectory course and life courseNurturing Environment mattersfor most of the developmentbut parents cant provide this without help from government and international agenciesMust recognize effect of ECD in adult life ie govt must recognize that disparities in nurturant env differ across nationsGender equity issues are determinants of ECD eg gender socialization feeding practices access to educationprofound impact on adult gender inequity
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