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Chapter notes: Environment and Childhood poverty by Gary Evans

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R Song

The environment of childhood povertyIntroduction negative parenting and other explanatory process of povertypsychosocial processes 1 ignored the physical settings that lowincome children and families inhabit 2 poor children face a daunting array of suboptimal psychosocial and physical conditionssuboptimal physical and psychosocial conditions that lowincome children face focus on income and childhood environmental risk pathological influence argue that exposure to multiple stressors may be a unique key feature of the environment of childhood povertyThe psychosocial environment of childhood poverty Lowincome children in comparison to middleincome children are exposed to greater levels of violence family disruption and separation from their family Contact with aggressive peers is related to social class Poor children are more likely to spend a week or more in foster or other institutional care increased divorce rate in unskilled workers in British families husbands who are facing financial pressure suffer greater conflict and less warmth and support in their marital relationships below poverty line and longer they are on povertyUnresponsive and harsher more punitive parenting occurs more often among lowincome families beginning as early as infancy Both lower job status and parental education levels are significantly related to elevated parental rejection of adolescentsParental monitorNine percent of professional class families could not locate the
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