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R Song

Skill Formation and the Economics of Investing in Disadvantage ChildrenA Four core concepts in devising policy toward early childhood 1 Brain and process of skill formation influenced by interaxn bet genetics and individual experience 2 Mastery of skills for economic success and devpt of neural pathways follow hierarchical rules foundation of success 3 Cognitivelinguisticsocial and emotional competencies are interdependentall shaped by experiences 4 Adaptationsensitive period where specific neural circuits and behaviors are most plastic and receptive to envinfluencesAffected by environment and experience in a cumulative fashion B intrinsic in nature of learning 1 Early learning confers value on acquired skill wc leads to selfreinforcing motivation to learn more 2 Early mastery of a range of cognitive social and emotional competencies makes learning at later age more efficient and therefore easier and more likely to continue early emergence of persistence of gaps in cognitive and noncognitive skills46 years oldEnvironment
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