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The Biological Embedding of Early Experience and Its Effects on Health in Adulthood by Hertzman.docx

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Health Studies
R Song

The Biological Embedding of Early Experience and Its Effects on Health in Adulthood by HertzmanINTRODUCTIONy Socioeconomic gradient in health by differences in life circumstances in adulthood y In the West higher income better education and jobs with more status prestige and decision latitude provide the most hospitable ecological niches for adult lifeSpecial role of child development in producing socioeconomic gradients in adult health A LIFE COURSE PERSPECTIVE y First the gradient is found to a greater or lesser degree for most major causes of morbidity and mortality explaining the gradient requires recognizing a general resilience and vulnerability in addition to factors that exclusively affect specific diseasesy Second the socioeconomic gradient in health status found in adult life is paralleled by socioeconomic gradients in cognitive and behavioral development in early lifey lastly longitudinal studies shows that early child development and the socioeconomic and psychosocial environment of childhood are empirically linked to adult health statusThe essence of the latency model is that specifica biological factors wt b developmental opportunities language at c
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