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Chapter 1

chapter 1

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Health Studies

Chapter 1when it comes to issues of health and physical well being Canadians tend to pay a lot of attention to medical treatments especially access to doctors and hospitals The primary factors that shape the health and well being of Canadians are found in the actual living conditions that Canadians experience on a daily basisFactors such as wealth income employmentWHO termed social determinants of health to these health influencing factorsThe quality of the SDOH is strongly determined by the economic system that we live in and decisions made by governments and policy makersThe term economic system refers to the means by which economic resources are created and distributed Distribution of resources in Canada is largely determined by the operation of a market economy and in order to survive the great majority of individuals should participateGovernment refers to the elected legislatures that pass laws and regulations that five direction and form to public policiesPublic policies can stop or prevent or magnify social and health inequalities created by the unmanaged operation of the market economy Policy maker refers to the govt advisorsand civil servants who advise governmenton what public policies to create and implementGovernment at the municipal provincial territorial and federal levels create and enact policies laws and regulations that influence how much income Canadians receive through employment family benefits or social assistanceGovernment also determine whether our children have access to affordable and high quality child care and better quality schools The working conditions that we experience and whether as seniors we receive levels of public pensions that allow us to live in dignityIn Canada the strongest supporters of Canadas market economythe business sectorconstantly lobby for policies favored by owners and managers as opposed to the interests of workersHistorical perspectives on health and illness th 4 century BC the Greek philosopher Plato considered how living conditions particularly inequality were shaping health In THE LAWS he saidthe form of law which I should propose as the natural sequel would be as follows in a state which is desirous being saved from the greatest of all plagues not faction but rather distraction there should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor again excess of wealth for both are productive of both these evilsth 19 century Friedrich Engels showed how the adverse living situations of working class people in England led to infections and diseases associated with disease and early death
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