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Chapter 6

chapter 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies

Chapter 6 overview of the Canadian healthcare systemsIntroduction y Medicare distinguishes Canada from the United states where in 2005 about 47 million15Americans lacked any form of health care insurance coverage y Important determinant of Medicare is Canadian federalismy From new intuitionalist perspective Medicare signifies the impact of institutions in shaping social policyy Health care is a politically contentious policy area involving intergovernmental cooperation and has become a political football as the federal and provincial governments wrangle over the financing of provincial health care programsHistory of public health in Canaday In 1947 Premier Tommy Douglas and his newly elected Cooperative commonwealth federation CCF government in Saskatchewan SK established the first universal hospital health care plan in Canada indeed in North Americay Box 61 page 143144 summarizes the history Federalism Catalyst for innovation y Federalism divides political authority between federal and regionalsub national governments and is considered to be the property of constitutionsThis means that it is based on state powery The federal and regional governments have constitutional authority to enact laws and collect revenues In other words political authority is decentralizedy The tension between the two levels of government stems from the Canadian Constitution section 92 and 91 which sets out the powers and responsibilities of each level of governmentIn health care the provinces have primary responsibility for the organization administration and delivery of most health care servicesThe federal gvnt has a role in criminal law patents and its often controversial spending power The federal gvnt can only intervene using its spending power and it has used this power to set the terms and conditions of MedicareThe charter of rights and freedoms as part of the constitution act 1982 exerted a new thrust in public policy debates by enabling individuals and groups to use the courts in efforts to hold gvnts accountable for policy choices by asserting any of the rights listed in the Charter o In 2005 the charter provided the basis of a challenge to the Quebec ban on private insurance for Medicarecovered services
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