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Chapter 12

chapter 12

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Health Studies

Chapter 12 the future of health policy in Canada Polis versus the market 1 The polis refers to an ideal political society in which citizens are engaged in the political process 2 Market refers to a society in which individuals engage in exchanges to satisfy their welfare3 Stone discusses how the market distorts the polis The polis represents a collectivist approach vs market represents and individualist approach toward social and health policy issuesThe Keynesian welfare state 1 The welfare stateand the creation of a public health care system in Canada and other developed economiesrepresents a collectivist approach to health and social policy that characterizes the approach to public policy following WWII2 Economic globalization and neoliberal policies have been associated by many observers with the decline of the welfare state 3 Esping Andersen identified political ideology as an important determinant of the extent of the welfare state in a countryIndividual responsibility for health 1 The shift to marketoriented health care has driven the emphasis on individual responsible for health as reflected
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