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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Health Studies

Chapter 7 Health Care Reform in Canada Introduction y Since the 1980s Canadian governments have been wanting to reform the health care system due to concerns such that medicare is overly expensive and that it is inefficienty Since 2000 several major reports on health care reform have been released These include Mazankowski Report Alberta the romanow royal commission on health care Kirby report Canadian senate fyke commission on medicare in Saskatchewan and Clair commission on the study of health and social services in quebecA Framework for reform Mazankowski report y Mazankowski is best known as being minister of finance in Brian Mulroneys conservative government in Ottawa during the 1980sy Mazankowskis primary goal is to ensure sustainability for the health system for years to come y He contends that medicare was never intended to provide the full range of health services treatments drugs and technology criticizing that the current system is an unregulated monopoly y He advocates a larger role for the private sector in health care and greater choice for consumers y These are his recommendationsMedical savings account health accounts formed in conjunction with highdeductible health insurancethat is the policy pays a significant portion of initial coststhat can be set up by individuals employers or governments He argues that MSAs would be more costefficient than traditional insurance policies It is claimed that MSAs foster more preudent spending of health care dollars without harming the health of individuals In theory MSAs would reduce demand for services by making individuals financially responsible for their consumption of health services He argues that MSAs and other copayment strategies would discourage inappropriate use of health care services and also give people some control over their health care spending He also recommends delisting some services from the public system coverageHe also recommends that private for profit health care facilities receive public financing Calls for increased development of P3S an arrangement in which a gvnt contracts with the private sector to finance develop construct own and operate infrastructure and public serveA key part of P3 is that after the construction is done the private institutions that built them gets ownership and they lease it out to health care facilities thereafter
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