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Critical Response 1 HLTC03 Chapter 1Policy refers to plans and procedure developed by governments agencies organizations and associations to achieve desired goalsPublic policy on the other hand refers to a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address problems o Health policy is a subsequent of this related to health issuesFocus of book is health policy Public policy o Anchored in a set of values regarding appropriate public goals o Requires a set of beliefs about the best way to achieve goalsHealth policy is about politics power and process o Who has the power Who benefits o Not an equal playingfield in who is heardWhat is politics o Politics is multidimensionalPolitics as government politics is associated with the art of government and activities of statePolitics as public life politics concerned with conduct and management of community affairsPolitics as conflict resolution politics concerned with expression and resolution of conflicts through compromise conciliation negotiation etcPolitics as power politics is the process by which desired outcomes are achieved The Scope of Health PolicyHealth policy encompasses both health care and other healthrelated public policiesCanada has a publicly financed system of public health care insurance o USA on the other hand is more privatized but the government still yields some powerUSA public policy including health policy is dominated by marketdriven approaches For profit modelHealth policy is not only concerned with health care but also improving and maintaining population health o Canadian government focuses on health status indicators by focusing on healthrelated public policy eg access to health care delivery of health care o It ignores other determinants such as social determinants of health or living conditions in that little policy focuses on theseEuropean nations particularly Scandinavian ones do a better job in acknowledging social determinants of health in implementing public and health policies o Do not ignore income housing or education The Evolution of Health Policy
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