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Chapter 2

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Chapter 2 Health Notes Introduction th In the 19 century scholars began to connect the health of populations to living populationSocial scientists have also linked structures and political ideology to explain the organization of health care and health outcomeThe scope of health studies now includes the determinants of health the meaning of health held by individuals and identifying public policy approaches by which health can be maintainedSocial inequality can refer to any of the differences bn people or the socially defined positions they occupy that are consequential for the lives they lead for the rights or opportunities they exerceise and rewards or privileges they enjoy o Figure 21 very important sto Could even use for 1 essay Redefining HealthHealth and its maintanence is more complex than examining ohysical health and treating diseaseHealth is a multidimensional conceptThe political economy perspecetive is concerned with identifying the economic political and social structures that influence health Takes two forms o Directs attention to a broad range of health issues that include how the production and distribution of economic political and soial resources shape the health care system as well as broad determinants of health Ways of thinking about healthUnderstanding different conceptions of health is important because these ideas can strongly influence how health care services are organized and delivered and how healthrelated policy is defined and implementedFour major paradigms or approaches to health that influence Canadian health policy 1 Medical paradigm 2 Behaviourallifestyle approach 3 Socioenvironmental paradigm 4 Structuralcritical approach Medical paradigmThe medical paradigm is the traditional biomedical paradigm that defines health as the absence of disease andor disability o The primary health issues are defined in terms of disease categories and physiological risk factors
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