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Chapter 8

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Chapter 8 hltc03Introduction Concerns about rising deficits that begun in the early 80s drove governments to reduce social and health spendingCanadian and UK government looking more to incorporate the private sector in health careWhat is a market A market is a complex set of social institutions that enables the exchange of a commodity such as a good or service between a seller and buyerThe market represents a means by which labour power and capital income and wealth are distributed through processes of production and consumption o Inequalities in distribution gives way to political power and influenceThe market may represent powerful economic forces that influence public and health policyInterwoven with markets are politics ideology and powerMarkets as highly political because politics shapes market activitiesCharacteristics of markets First markets are systems of rules and regulations set and enforced by both state and nonstate agencies o Regulations govern what can be marketed and where marketing occurs o Control costs profit margins etc o Companies have considerable power to do thisSecond markets are complex o Any one market is a complex of markets involving different industries and imbedded in different social relationsTransportation insuracnce etcIncreasing market mechanisms for health care delivery may also affect the distribvution of income and other economic resources o To make the iondtroduction of market approaches more attractive to citizens governments offer tax cuts that primarily benefit the welloff o The welloff tend to pay more in taxes for health care but use them less The creation of markets leads to a transfer of income from the lowerincome groups to higherincome groups The health care system then comes to be financed more out of private resources than general ones Thoise least able to pay use health services moreThird market are inherintly unstable o Instability reflects competition
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