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Chapter 10

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Chapter 10 HLTC03IntroductionCanadian federalism has been both a support and impediment to development of health policy in Canada o Good provided a vehicle for federal government to use its spending power to finance health and social programs o Bad point of conflict bn federal and provincialterritorial governmentThe era of cooperative federalism observed earlier came to an end in the 80sThe federal and provincial government have tried to renew spirit of cooperation in social provision by passing the Social Union Framework Agreement SUFA and passing Health Accords 20032004 and 2005 o Cooperative federalism in which they both work together o Box 101 A Brief History of Canadian FederalismThere were 3 primary periods of Canadian federalism 1 Cooperative federalism 1950s to early 1960s 2 Executive federalism mid60s to 1990s 3 Collaborative federalism mid1990s into 2000s Cooperative federalism 1950s to the early 60sThis is the stage in which the two levels of government costshared social programs to ensure universal access to these programsThis is the golden age of Canadian welfare state Executive federalism mid1960s to 1990sAt this stage Canada drifted away from classical federalism another term for Cooperative federalismThe institutions and process of executive federalism began to become more oriented toward conflict rather than consensus Collaborative federalism mid1990s into 2000sThis current era reflects recognition by both levels of government of a crisis in Canadian federalism to the point of being dysfunctional o Widespread policy and institutional failureDriven by an agenda of reparation in the face of demands by provinces and territories for sufficient funding of social transfers and programs o Federal government has restored and increased some funding in response via the Health Accord of 2003
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