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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Dan Silver

The Reality of Everyday Life  Everyday life is presented as a reality that is interpreted by men and subjectively meaningful to them as a coherent world. The world is subjective.  We cannot ignore the fact that the foundations of reality is subjective and dependent on the subjects  Phenomenological analysis: the subjective experience of everyday life: no causal or genetic hypotheses.  Consciousness always intentional. Whether you or looking at something or thinking about something, it is intentional.  Reality of everyday life is privileged. It has an impact on your consciousness at every moment.  Life is an ordered reality in the sense objects are designated as objects before we arrive on the scene. A lamp is a lamp before we reach it. This is thanks to the technical vocabulary of society and a web of human relationships. Language.  Everyday life is experienced through not only the here and now, but factors that are not present in the current environment as well. There is the zone of everyday life that is accessible to bodily manipulation. This is a pragmatic area. There are zones that are inaccessible however that may be of no interest, or are interesting indirectly so
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