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Chapter 1

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10CHAPTER 1Theory an explanation of observed regularities or patternsComponents of a theory definitionswhat the key terms in the theory meandescriptions of the phenomena of interestrelational statementsconnect two or more variables a deterministic the two variables go together all of the timeb Probabilistic the two variables go together with some degree of regularity but the relationship is not one of inevitabilitytheories of the middle range more limited in scope and can be tested directly by gathering empirical evidencegrand theories more general and abstract Generally offer few direct indications of how to collect evidence to test them Include structuralfunctionalism symbolic interactionism critical theory poststructuralismgrand theories are of limited use for research purposes Middle range theories are much more likely to be the focus of empirical inquirydeductive method is the most common approach to social researchprocess of deduction theoryhypothesisdata collectionfindings hypothesis confirmed or rejectedrevision of theory ex on pg 5 box 13in an inductive approach theory is the outcome of research The researcher begins by g
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