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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10Chapter 14 Breaking Down the QuantitativeQualitative Divide Introduction 276Dichotomy bw quantitative and qualitative research has been maintained to this point for 2 simple reasonsThere are differences bw quantitative and qualitative research strategies It is a useful means of organizing research methods and approaches to data analysisThe Natural Science Model and Qualitative Research 277Qualitative research frequently exhibits features associated with a natural science model This is revealed by Empiricist overtones Many qualitative researchers place a similar emphasis like quantitative researchers on the importance of direct contact with social reality The very idea that theory is to be grounded in data is central to empiricism The empiricism of qualitative research is perhaps most notable in conversation analysisA specific problem focus Qualitative research can investigate tightly defined research questions Hypothesisand theorytesting Qual researchers typically test hypotheses or theories generated in their researchRealism Porters critical realist ethnography demonstrates how ethnography can be based on an epistemological position derived from the natural sciencesIn addition some qualitative researchers include explicitly quantitative elements in their research Quantitative Research and Interpretivism 278The widespread inclusion of questions about attitudes in social surveys suggests that quantitative researchers are interested in matters of meaning tooQualitative research is better at gaining access to the point of view of those being studied is generally assumed rather than demonstratedIf the design of attitude questions based on proper questioning that seeks to bring out the range of possible attitudinal po
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