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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10Chapter 2 Research Designs Introduction 21Research designs are broad structures that guide the collection and analysis of dataA choice of research design involves decisions about what the research wants to accomplish with the studyAnother important consideration in choosing a research design the kind of explanation the researcher wants to makeQuantitative researchers often explain a phenomenon in terms of cause and effects expressed in terms of general laws and principles fairly general laws and principles This sort of explanation is supposed to apply to humanity in general not just the people who participated in the studyreferred to as the nomothetic approach to explanationQualitative researchers seek a rich description of a person group not meant to be generalizedidiographic explanationsOnce a design has been selected a specific method for collecting data has to be chosen Many ways of collecting data such as selfcompletion questionnaire or structured interview schedule or a less formalized method of participant observationacting as a part of the groupCriteria for Evaluating Social Research 22A variable is simply a characteristic or attribute that varies ie gender income and etcReliability 22Reliability refers to whether the same results would be received if a particular measurement technique were administered several times to the same research subjectReplicability 22Replicability refers to whether others are able to repeat part or all of a study and get the same resultsFor replication to take place the initial researcher must spell out all research procedures in great detailValidity 22Validity is concerned with the integrity of the conclusions generated by a piece of researchThree main types of validity 1 Measurement validity aka construct validity Primarily for quantitative research and its measures of social concepts It essentially refer
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