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HLTB10- Ch 3

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Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 3 The Nature of Quantitative ResearchQuantitative research entails the collection of numerical data a deductive relsh btwn theory and research a predilection for the natural science approach to research positivism in particular and an objectivist conception of social realityMain Steps in Quantitative Research 1 Theory 2 Hypothesis 3 Research designImplications for a variety of issues such as the external validity of the findings and the ability to impute causality 4 Devise measures of conceptsEntails devising measures of concepts a process referred to as operationalization the operations performed to measure a concept such as temp or velocity5 Select research sites 6 Select research subjectsrespondents 7 Administer research instrumentscollect dataIn experimental research it means pretesting subjects manipulating the independent variable for the experimental group only and posttestingIn crosssectional research it involves interviewing members of the sample w a structured interview schedule list of questionsstatements to which the person being interviewed responds or distributing a selfcompletion questionnaire In structured observation it involves watching the setting of interest and the ppl in it and then recording the types of bhvr observed8 Process dataStraightforward info such as age or incomes can be placed in a computer file for other variables processing the data entails coding the infotransforming it into numbers to facilitate quantitative data analysis9 Analyze dataChoosing statistical techniques to test for relsh btwn variables10 FindingsconclusionsWas the hypothesis supported or not 11 Write up findingsconclusions Published for the publics knowledge Feedback loop f step 11 back to step 1The presence of both an element of deduction step 1 and 2 and induction the feedback loop is indicative of the positivist foundations of quantitative researchHowever a great deal of quantitative research doesnt specify a hypothesis beforehand instead there may simply be a loosely defined set of concerns in relation to which the social researcher collects data Concepts ideas or mental representations of thingsEg emotional satisfaction crime health lifestyle religious orientation teacher expectations charismatic leadership Each represents a label given to elements of the social world that seem to be significant and to have common features Concepts are categories for the organization of ideas and observations IQ is the measure of the concept of intelligence
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