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HLTB10- Ch 8

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 8Qualitative research is mainly concerned w words and images rather than numbers it alsoInvolves an inductive view of the relsh btwn theory and researchqualitative researcher start w field research and then dvlp theoriesconcepts f itIts normally interpretivist which is understanding the social world by seeking out other ppls interpretations of itConstructivists such researchers hold that social life is an outcome of the interactions and negotiations btwn ppl rather than a fixed structureNaturalistic approach researchers maintain that the social world should be as undisturbed as possible when being studied Different kinds of qualitative researchEthnographyparticipant observation a researcher is immersed in a social setting for a some time observing and listening to ppl w a view to gaining an appreciation of their culture Qualitative interviewing broad term that describes indepth semistructured or unstructured interviewingFocus groups several ppl are interviewed together often using a semistructured formatDiscourse and conversation analysis languagebased approache
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