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HLTB10- Ch 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 9 Ethnography and Participant ObservationParticipant observationethnography a researcher is immersed in a group of ppl for an extended period of time observing bhvr listening to whats said in conversations and asking questions participant observers and ethnographers gather further data through documents and interviews especially on issues not directly observable The terms participant observation and ethnography are synonymous but ethnography will be used in a more inclusive way and will include participant observation which will refer more specifically to the observational component of this kind of researchKeep in mind that every field situation is different and so there is no specific recommendations on how to conduct an ethnographyStep 1 Gain Access gaining access to the social setting one wants to research the setting depends on whether its relatively open public or closed private Covert role a solution to gaining access to a research setting is by not disclosing that you are a researcher Gaining access to a social setting one wants to research depends if the setting is relatively open public vs closed private or restrictedCovert role not disclosing your a researcher vs overt role preferred choice due to practical and ethical reasons Retrospective ethnigraphy using observations that were gathered before one decided to do a study Access to closed setting requires strategic planning determina
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