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HLTB10- Ch 12

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Health Studies
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Toba Bryant

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HLTB10 Ch 12 Quantitative Data AnalysisVarious missing data codes are stored in the information for each variable so they cannot be read by the computer as anything other than missing data SPSS for Windows Statistical Package for the Social Sciences computer software for quantitative analysis 60s SPSS operations are presented in bold AnalyzeNames given to variables are in bold italics gender reasons Labels given to values or to variables are also in bold but are not italicized reasons for visiting male The Data View provides a spreadsheet grid into which data are enteredthe columns represent variables the rows represent cases which can be people Types of variablesNominal variables categorical variables composed of categories that have no relsh to one another except to say that they are different eg religion Ordinal variables variables whose categories can be rank ordered but the distances btwn the categories are not equal across the rangeIntervalratio variables variables where the distance btwn the categories are identical across the rangea unit of measurement exists Univariate analysis the examination of one variable at a time several approaches areFrequency tables provides the number and percentage of ppl belonging to each of the categories of the variable in question and c
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