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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 P 239333 Literature ReviewsOnline bibliographical databasesuniversity libraries are a valuable source of references The best one for students is Sociological Abstracts Use Boolean combinations of and or and not Bibliographies you find in articles help you find additional sources to examine Social Sciences Citation Index is a tool that looks forward f the original article to later ones that cite it revealing what others think of itTo some profs its a measure of how often they have been cited thus its a crude indication of meritmore citations better researcher The rule of thumb is to stop searching when the same items keep on appearing this is like the idea of theoretical saturation in qualitative researchThe existing literature should be explored to identify Whats already known about this areaWhat concepts and theories are relevantWhat research methods and strategies have been employed in studying this areaAre there any significant controversiesAre there inconsistencies in the findings relating to this areaAre there any unanswered research questionsReviewing existing literature also helps you revise and refine your research questions during the process and help you dvlp an argument it also affirms your credibility as someone knowledgeable in your chosen area When pre
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