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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10Chapter 13 Qualitative Data Analysis Introduction 251Very few wellestablished and widely accepted rules for the analysis of qualitative dataGeneral Strategies of Qualitative Data Analysis 252 Analytic Induction 252One major difference bw qualitative and quantitative research is analysis occurs after the data is collected in quantQualitative analysis is often iterative meaning that analysis takes place some of the data have been collected and then the implications of that analysis shape further data collectionAnalytic induction is an example of a type of qual research that uses an iterative process It begins with a rough definition of a research question proceeds to a hypothetical answer and then data are collected Analytical induction seeks universal explanations of phenomena that permit no exception If there are inconsistencies found hypothesis is redefined and so on until there are no inconsistenciesGrounded Theory 252A theory that was derived from data systematically gathered and analyzed through the research processIt is the most widely used framework for analyzing qualitative dataGrounded Theorys main features are outlined beginning with a distinction bw tools and outcomesTools of Grounded TheoryTheoretical saturationpoint in which there is no point to collect more dataConstant comparisonmaintaining a close connection bw data and conceptualization so the correspondence between concepts and categories with their indicators is not lostCodingthe key process whereby data are broken down into component parts and given namesCoding in Grounded TheoryEntails reviewing transcripts andor field notes and giving labels names to items that share a similar theme seem to be of poten
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