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International Development Studies
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IDSB04 International Health Policy Chapter 4 Notes
The Political Economy of Health and Development
The Biomedical model
-Views health and illness at the individual level, with the body conceptualized as a
machine with constituents parts that can be manipulated and repaired.
-This model is mainly curative but does have included preventive
armamentarium/measures (such as vaccines, screening, and genetic testing.
The Behaviour Model
-Views health and illness primarily as a consequence of the individuals or households
-Focuses on changing and regulating personal conduct and cultural attitudes through
education, counseling, and incentives in order to achieve desirable health outcomes.
The Political Economy
- Considers the political, social, cultural, and economic contexts in which disease and
illness arise, and examines the ways in which societal structures interact with the
particular conditions that lead to good/bad health.
- Many determinants: individual, household, community, workplace, social class,
nation, and global/economic contexts.
-Female education is one of the MAIN factors that are associated with mortality
- These models intersect by examining the relationship among host (intrinsic, individual
factors of the human body and its susceptibility), agents (microbes, toxins, food substances,
and other etiologic factors), and environment (broader social and political structures and
relations) in determining health and illness.
The Political Economic of Health Approach
-A political economy of health approach analyzes the ways in which broad political,
economic, and social structures, relations, and interests affect and interact with health
conditions in local, national, and international contexts. [Figure 4-2]
-The political economy of health framework offers the most integrative approach to
addressing health issues involving technological, behavioral, and structural elements.
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