Chapter 9: Globalization, Trade, Work and Health
¾ Pathways that connect neoliberal globalization with mortality and morbidity: trade
liberalization, reorganization of labor, debt and structural adjustment, financial liberalization
and environmental degradation
¾ Globalization and its key features
o Historical character and definitions of Neoliberal Globalization t dominant political-
economic relations that drive globalization: neoliberal economic model (free markets
bring increase in GDP, growth is a proxy for development, and growth is sufficient to
reduce poverty) which encourages less government interference because of its
inefficiency and increase role of the market
Result of neoliberal policies t reduction in subsidies, cost recoveries through
user fees, privatization, reduction government roles, increase dominance of
western-based transnational capital, high military expenditures
Also in increased free trade zones in LDCs
o The Global Trade Regime and the WTO
treated as domestic goods), most favored nation (all member nations receive
the same preferences), and least trade restrictive practices (domestic
Pernicious aspect of WTO: emphasizes economic growth over social policies,
redistribution of corporate profits, labor rights only addressed when they
conflict with competition, commercial rights triumph over public interests
Globalization proponents argue health effects are: increased income in LDCs,
income rise improves health of poor, health care and behavior changes (not
reforms to economic integration) can improve negative consequences of
integration, dual intellectual property rights regimes can address issue of access
to medicines
Neoliberal polices post 1980 led to net negative growth in LDC contributing to
lowered life expectancy and worsening IMR (some countries did experience
people (excluding China)
Anti-liberalism/globalization arguments t WTO favors transnational
corporations }Àv]}voP}À[vuvo](U}µv]ZZÀv
successful (India, Thailand) began with closed economies or like in Singapore
experienced poverty-reducing growth prior to when they opened up their
Table. 9.1 (pg. 424) t Definitions related to globalization, trade and work
¾ Health effects of globalization t there are 5 major pathways
o (1) Trade liberalization, the World Trade Regime and Transnational Corporations
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