Lecture 1: Chapter 1 + 2

International Development Studies
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Lecture 1 Chapter 1 and 2: Introduction to International Health
Globalization of disease: AIDS and SARS
- 10million child deaths, mostly preventable
Course Themes:
- understand IH in context of power + influence
o health/medicine culturally bound
o domain of political and ideological struggles
- IH intertwined with economic concerns
o Circulation of goods and people (globalization)
o Development t precursor to good health, industrialization or social
- Understand IH in terms of interactions (interplay)
o Epidemiology w/ politics and institutions
o Aid as form of negotiation
Figure 4.2 Political Economic of International Health Framework
- Political (largest) to individual characteristics (smallest)
Key Definitions:
- WHO definition of health p3
- International health p5 t health coop b/w nations, agreements regarding health, issues that
cross borders
o Colonial medicine and Tropical medicine
- US institute of Medicine definition of Global Health p6
World health t ]v[ get adapted so international health is used instead
*differences of Global health and International Health*
Box 1.1: Ways of conceptualizing international health
- Global public goods (ex: vaccines, food, air, water)
- Security
o Social unrest t act violent against authorities
o Bioterrorism t small pox, anthrax
- Capitalism t profits
- Technology diffusion
- Foreign policy interests t donor countries donate to poor countries
- Social justice
Antecedents of International Health
1) Black Death t 14th and 17th centuries
o Bubonic plague t rats host to fleas that carried disease
o 25million deaths in Europe t 25% of population
o Public health boards: cordon sanitare (belt around the city), quarantine (control who
enter and exited, prayer
2) Colonial Conquest t 1492 onwards (military, forced labor)
o Disruption, Deprivation, Disease and Death (intro to new diseases)
o 150 million deaths in the Americas, Spanish, Eng, French, Dutch
3) Atlantic Slave Trade 1600-1900
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