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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Ryan Isakson

Chapter 12 Population education and human capitalIntroLabor is the most malleable factor of productionhuman capital Developing human capital is key to developing a society and not doing so can be disastrousA Population ProblemAssumoption rapid pop rwoth can cause the total pop to exceed a natjuons productive cap so that real income person falls or rises unnecessarily slowly The two factors that affect income per person are pop growth and total income growth CD argue that inc in avg pop growth leads to lower pop growth rateThe natural and the actual rate of pop growthNatural rate of pop growth is the birth rate minus the death rate The actual rate of pop growth can sometimes be different Why It is the same as the natural except that it takes into account migration How do we account for differences between countries Demographic transitionThe demographic transitionBirth rates werent always so high Whats changedDemographic trans
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